What Life Centered Therapy Training Participants are Saying...
Written by Dr. Andrew Hahn, Psy.D. on January 21st, 2020
“The genius of LCT is its ability to open pathways to the soul’s deep wisdom and to use this knowing for self realization and personal growth. Infused by the facilitators compassion and love, each session has the quality of a sacred healing. With LCT individuals and groups experience a depth of awakening, self-realization and personal growth unparalleled by other methods. Andrew Hahn, founder of LCT, is among the foremost psychologists of our times.” 

“It was so powerful it bordered on unbelievable. I would have been skeptical had I not experienced the benefits of the work myself. I am grateful to have found the work. But, more than that, I am grateful to be able to learn how to facilitate it. Wow, what an idea...me helping others in this way. I’ve learned never to say never.”-Engineer     

“Life Centered Therapy offers a totally new and different way of helping individuals to access their own innate abilities (and ever-present potential) to heal the wounds and blocks which might have been keeping them from emotional comfort for years. 

In very few sessions (compared to years of therapy) my life has been deeply enriched and impacted. My level of stress has greatly lessened. Issues which used to be upsetting to me have receded in both power and importance. My new comfort, altered perceptions and priorities have helped me to achieve a sense of inner calm all of which has made my daily life much more satisfying. [LCT] heals at a core level by integrating a large variety of theoretical concepts into a totally original and effective protocol he has developed during the past 15 years.

It isn’t magic, although at times it may seem as though it is, as Andy guides a person far beyond their “stories” to their core fears or beliefs. These have usually been hidden from consciousness in the past and have often kept a person locked in to un-useful patterns of behavior, thereby keeping them from true healing and the achievement of their goals. 

The protocol of Life Centered Therapy provides an innovative, often missing, link found in more traditional therapies. Dr. Hahn has certainly developed a powerful path toward a deeper understanding and healing of ourselves. Often in even a very short time, this work helps clients achieve a greater sense of well-being as well as more internal peace.”-Lois Ernst, LICSW

“This is far more than a training course - it is personal development at the deepest level. The experience was stunning, imbued with love, an incredible adventure of mind, body, and soul. Insights and clearing abounded, and perhaps for the first time, I had a true sense of how interconnected all life is. 

The experience of Life Centered Therapy was both moving and profound. As an approach to therapy, Life Centered Therapy is amazing, embracing what you already know, and more, and turning it into a whole which is far greater than the sum of its parts. Healing occurs in simple, powerful and often surprising ways. And it seems to have a reach beyond that of other approaches. 

As an experienced therapist I can only say that I expect to be doing things differently now. Whether you are a therapist looking to improve your ability or whether you are simply seeking to move forward on your personal journey, if you get the opportunity to learn or experience LCT, take it!”-James Jameson, Psychotherapist in Dublin, Ireland

“Excellent. ..There was a great deal of information here, presented very rapidly – and yet it was so well presented that it was amazingly easy to absorb. Most interesting was the concept that energy is greater than only our mind creates … this I can work with and truly ponder.”-Sonoma, CA Workshop Participant

“It was powerful listening to everyone’s stories and observing many transformations that took place for many of the participants in the group. I have learned a number of tools that I will take home and try to use to continue my healing and enlightenment.”-Real Estate Broker

“It was powerful to experience an intense energy that emits unconditional love, support and wisdom… It was life changing. I can take what I learned and use it today. I would like to integrate this into my work.”- Physical Therapist

“I gained a lot: techniques for my own self-healing and work that I could pursue with my students… stuff to look at and explore within myself.” HS Teacher

“Presenter and materials were clear and process of this work appears highly effective and relevant. It was extremely moving to witness this process.” -Social Worker

“The individual healing sessions and the practices taught for interventions were meaningful. I have made significant progress in my personal healing.” -VP, Investment Banking

“Powerful ideas to ponder. Opens me to an entirely new way of thinking.” -Holistic Counselor

What Life Centered Therapy Clients Are Saying…

“It’s the integration of all levels- body, intellectual and heart, the conscious and the unconscious…Most therapies… (don’t) get you anywhere near what happens in (LCT) sessions.”-Client   

“It was like a laser beam instead of just ‘fishing around.’…It cuts through the layers so that you can get to the core more quickly.”-Client

“At the time of the sessions, it was truly amazing how quickly the imagery came into my head… and how vivid they were. Now it’s been some time since the last session…I now have this burning desire to live up to my potential…I want to be ‘core honest’ with myself and how I am out there in the world.” -Client

“Phenomenal work. I think it can change the world.”-Client

“The thing that amazed me after the first session – for the first time in several months I was singing along with the radio! I did not feel happy, I felt light – this is unbelievable! I required two sessions to clear the depression. I still can’t believe it, actually…I can’t even begin to describe the enormity of the change.”-Client

“My work with [LCT] has really been life-changing and transformational. From the first session, we worked on and resolved issues and blocks that I had resigned myself as being permanent parts of myself. Doing this work has given me a sense of relief, freedom, and more agency over my life. Joni has an empathetic and soothing manner which helps to guide me through what can be very emotional and intense sessions.” Celina Martinez

“Life Centered Therapy is both fast and deep with immediate visible results. Dr. Andrew Hahn is able to help resolve old physical and emotional pains in minutes...can’t recommend this work highly enough.” Mahlia Riebeling, M.A. CPCC

“I’m less enraged…I was enraged several times a day before. Now I’m enraged only once a day or once every two days.” Client

Working with Andy Hahn and Life Centered Therapy has been transformational in ways I didn’t know were even possible. I spent over 20 years using services in the mental health system where “recovery” means a lessening of overt symptoms and treatment is medication and traditional talk therapy. 

After 14 years with a very smart therapist I was still on large amounts of medication and while I seemed better in many ways the underlying stress was starting to impact my physical health; I often thought of dying in order to escape the stress of living. By the time I was 35 I was failing physically and developing autoimmune problems. Finally I turned to a daily yoga practice and meditation when I was 37 and things began to improve; about two years later I began working with Andy. 

I cannot recommend Life Centered Therapy strongly enough. Life Centered Therapy has helped me:

· Get off a 25 year habit of psychiatric medications for chronic depression, insomnia, PTSD, and severe anxiety. I have not taken any psychiatric medications for two years.
· No more depression or suicidal ideation
· No more insomnia
· I am more confident, I feel more whole. I am running my own business successfully and enjoy customer relations.
· No more PTSD: I used to live in fear of people and being out in the world. Now I am no longer afraid of human connection and lead a busy and active life.
· Cured of severe cat allergy. I can live with cats, they can sleep on my bed and I am totally fine. I used to get such severe asthma around cats that being around them for more than two to three hours could be life threatening. -Nikki Glasser

To learn more about how incredible results like these are possible for you, watch the overview of our online training program.

Life Centered Therapy

Dr. Andrew Hahn and his team help you heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual difficulties. They have spent 25 years in the mental health field creating a revolutionary healing process that will help you heal yourself transform efficiently and effectively.

If you're suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or other conditions and are looking to resolve these challenges and live the life you were destined to live then reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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